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with Skyway Man
When Fruit Bats announced its new album and signing to Merge Records late last year, singer/songwriter Eric D. Johnson did so by Getting in a Van Again. The 15-minute mockumentary presented a surrealist view of the music industry, while teasing the very real themes explored on Gold Past Lifedue out June 21, 2019.I know I said Id be around this year, but here I am getting in a van again.Gold Past Life marks both an end and a beginning. Its the end of an unintentional thematic trilogy of records that began with 2014s EDJ (a solo record by name, but a Fruit Bats release in spirit) and hit an emotional peak with 2016s Absolute Loser. They encompassed years of loss, displacement, and the persistent, low-level anxiety of the current political climate. They were written in the wake of friends who left these earthly confines and families that could have been.I wrote music to comfort myself, says Eric D. Johnson of those times. It was a soothing balm.But these salves, these songs on Gold Past Life, also represent new beginningsthe journeys that await after making it through troubled times.In fact, the notion of getting in a van to move onliterally and metaphoricallyis exactly what Gold Past Life is all about. Its about rejecting notions of idealized nostalgia (Gold Past Life) and the process of grounding oneself in the present, both geographically (A Lingering Love, Ocean) and spiritually (Drawn Away).That spiritual sense of place is particularly important to Johnson, who has always been fascinated by dreams and the subconscious stories they can tell. Some of these songs are directed at specific people, some at amalgams of people, and lots at myself, or the subconscious version of myselfthat version like how they say youre every single character in your dreams, he says. Even the artwork represents the notion that were all the characters in our dreams. Heres me looking at you: Im a deer on a beach looking you dead in the eye and licking my lips.Even as he
  • Start:June 21, 2019
  • End:June 21, 2019
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  • Where:SOhO Restaurant and Music Club, 1221 State Street Suite 205, Santa Barbara, California, United States, 93101
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